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GTA Online – [Primarch Chapter]

By | GTA Online News, Primarch News

Primarch recently got back into GTA Online and we started a new crew for the clan (complete with our emblem for your clothes and cars). If you have this game and want to join us, you’re welcome to play with us. New and current members can join us.

If you do not own the game, the game is free to play online and only requires an upfront game purchase. ($60 USD if you buy on Steam)

If you are new to clan you can apply to Primarch here

Hop on Discord and speak to the officers if you want to get added in that way.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – March 8th Launch

By | Tom Clancy's The Division News

With the upcoming release of The Division, on March 8th, we have already have many members who pre-ordered the game and played the beta weekend within Primarch clan. We are going to have an official chapter presence in this game.

As always any members of Primarch are welcomed to join us in this game or continue playing your current games. If you are not part of the clan and want to join us for this game you can apply on our site for clan membership.

If interested, the game is free to play and only requires an upfront game purchase. ($60-99 USD Price Range if you buy on Steam)

If you have any more questions ask our officers on Discord.