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If you have questions regarding our rules, promotions, what games we play or about who we are… please refer to our “About” section first.
If you have questions or requests about the Primarch clan, website content or bug reports… please leave the message below. 

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    This is the common question we get since some of our games are multi-platform.

    Q: Do we have a Primarch chapter set up on PS4 or Xbox One for any games we play?

    A: The short answer is No, we are a PC platform focused guild only currently.

    The longer answer is, we do enjoy gaming on all platforms since we are avid gamers (PC & Consoles). We also have members who are multi-platform gamers for this very reason (you need all platforms to play everything).

    However, the largest portion of Primarch’s population are PC gamers only.  The leadership of Primarch has discussed expanding into a multi-platform gaming clan in the past. In the end, Primarch’s command council voted to stay as a PC platform focused clan only. This has been our primary core since day one and we do not want to shift focus at this time. Therefore, there are no plans to setup Primarch chapters on any consoles. This does not mean, that at some future point, we won’t re-vote and possibly expand out for some upcoming games or next gen consoles. If this ever changes announcements will be clearly posted on our website.

    We thank you for your interest in Primarch. If you ever find yourself getting into PC gaming, be sure to keep us in mind in the future.


    PvX US Multi Gaming Clan.
    Recruiting active and mature gamers.

    We are a helpful and fun community.
    New & Vets Welcomed!

    Primarch is a mature and active PvX multi-gaming clan. We pride ourselves on building a helpful and friendly gaming community. We love to have fun while we play, but we know how to put on our game faces when it’s time to win.

    Our player base is mostly located in the USA, but we have members throughout the world. We do raids, events, activities at all times throughout our many games.

    Primarch uses DISCORD voice chat, making the game more fun while we grind and coordinating difficult content easier. Our friendly and mature community makes voice chat relaxing and fun.

    Some people ask how Primarch is pronounced. Primarch sounds like “Prime-Ark”. The H is silent like in the word Monarch.

    If you are new to the game, tired of playing solo, in an inactive clan, or just looking for a friendly mature community… then join Primarch today!

    Click below to learn even more about us: