*New* 4K HD Primarch Logo

By 12/06/2015 Primarch News

Some of the art work on the site required a much higher resolution version of our clan logo. Sadly, our previous logo was originally made in a smaller resolution format (around 200px x 200px range). Not enough resolution to upscale something like that to higher levels.

This forced me to go back to to the drawing board and recreate the entire logo from the ground up and redo all the layer effects so it holds up at extremely high resolutions.

This was not the easiest task, since I was trying to stay true to our original layer effect style design (the battle-weathered gold metal chiseled medallion look). After a LOT of tweaking and toying around, I think I finally have a HD variant of our logo that holds up visually at extreme closeups.

While it does differ from our tiny logo version in many ways the extra resolution forced me to create much more details in the surface textures than I had to do in our previous version.

The version show here is not the full 4k version of the clan logo. The full scale image is very large so I scaled it down for this post (almost 5 times smaller here). Even the version on our home page is only 1/2 of the new full scale version. The full scale version holds up very well at large scale with crisp detail. 

The new 4k HD logo gives us flexibility for using the clan logo in cool new ways in the future (more to come on that later). I hope you guys enjoy it! 


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