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New Dojo Transporters

By Primarch News

Our Dojo is now fully equipped with the latest transportation pads. All you need to do is click on a transport pad, select your destination and you are instantly transported to that location.

Our core membership have diligently farmed and donated towards the construction of all of these pads. Thank you to all those who helped build our transport pads.

There will be more pads to come in the future you may see some of them around the dojo in various rooms. If you would like to donate, simply click escape, go to Decorations, Select Edit Decorations and point/click at the pad and you can add your materials to the project. Thanks in advance for any help! 🙂


By Primarch News

Some of you may have already noticed by now, but our forums have been completely revamped. Not only is this an entirely new look. The update has made our forums more responsive for smart phone and tablet use. The boards now dynamically change based on the device you are viewing it from. Videos and content scale and reduce as your device gets smaller allowing quicker loading and easier reading.

I realize this is very shocking to our older members who have grown used to our old forum design. However, I am confident this new design gives us more flexibility.

Please bear with us over the next week while we iron out any bugs and kinks. 🙂

Operation Cryotic Front Event

By Warframe News
– Play the new Excavation missions! 
– The Location of a ‘Scanning Device’ will appear on your minimap for you to locate. 
– Collect Power Cells dropped by enemies, and bring them to the Scanner to activate it and keep it powered. You can track your Scanner’s power in the map on your HUD. If it reaches 0%, the process will stall until power is restored.
– Defend the Scanner as it searches for a dig site. Once the Scanner has found a site, it will appear on your map. Proceed to that location to find an Excavator that is digging for artifacts.
– Take caution!  Enemy waves will attempt to destroy the Excavator, and you must defend it. The Excavator will also continue to lose power. As with the Scanner, you must collect Power Cells to keep it activated.
– Once the Excavator has uncovered the artifact, you may choose to Extract from the operation or wait for another Scanner and repeat the process.
– There are three available Tilesets for this Operation.
– What is CRYOTIC (New Resource)?
Usually found in extreme sub-zero environments, Cryotic instantly freezes anything it comes in contact with. 
– If the Excavator is destroyed before it recovers an item, the mission is a failure.
– The Operation is on now until Wednesday, September 3 at 12 PM EDT.
– Operation Cryotic Front is the first introduction of a new mission type that will replace all Survival missions that take place on a terrestrial tileset.
– This Operation introduces Cryotic, a new resource that will only be available in the Excavation game mode.  
– At each of the point levels below and you’ll unlock a new Tileset in the Operation. It’s your choice – continue to dig on Earth or take your efforts to these new areas. Note that each new Tileset will hold more difficult enemies but will provide the opportunity to earn points faster.
With each successful dig, you will receive an amount of Cryotic based on your performance (100 max.) The more Cryotic you earn, the better the Reward – so dig on!
More than 500 pts = Event Badge
More than 1000 pts = Ice Mod Set (4 dual-stat mods)
More than 3000 pts = Latron Wraith and the Polar Glaxion skin
Note: The basis for the rewards is your best score in one single run.
The top three Clans per Clan Tier will receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies. For Clan Leaderboards, a Clan’s score is the sum of active personal bests.
Please be aware that people joining clans after the event has started will not contribute to their new clans score.